Looking for Contributors

“Now, our operation is small, but there’s a lot of potential for aggressive expansion.” – The Joker from The Dark Knight

Coffee is for Closers is looking for writers, graphic designers, and anyone with talent to burn.  We want to turn this operation into something more than a two-man team.  The key is to create writing and visuals that focus on the blog’s premise: the collisions between pop culture and politics.

Reviewing submissions at Coffee is for Closers.

Think Big!  In addition, the pop culture and politics are not limited to “The American Scene.”  We’d like to see more content focused on world events.

“If you’re good at something, never do it for free.”  While we agree with the Joker’s philosophy, we simply can’t pay you.  Heck, we aren’t even paid.  On the other hand, tens of people will see your name (or witty alias).  Although with an increase in posting there usually follows an increase in blog traffic.

It should be noted that we accept all viewpoints, political and otherwise.  However, don’t let this seem like a relativist excuse that we accept everything.  We’d like to accrue a diverse bench.  A common canard in both our views is the degradation and mutation of political discourse to the point of self-parody.  If you have a perspective that is not our own, we won’t turn you away.  If you have perspective that is our own, you might not get accepted.  While that might sound a little confusing, we elucidate what we want with a little more detail.


Send us a writing sample in the body of the email or a link to your work.  We want tough, eccentric, and dramatic pieces.  It should be something that stands above the tedious dross of political coverage and the vast In-Joke of pop culture coverage.

Do you have a certain pop culture obsession (Dr. Who, the West Wing, Wham!, etc.) that really fires your imagination?  At this blog, there’s no such thing as “Reading too much into it.”  Mine that seam for gems.

Politics is not limited to the present or the American.  The Whigs, Olde Timey political cartoons, the Arab Spring, etc.  Find a pop cultural spin to the usual political drudgery.


Graphic Designers/Artists

Send us a sample of your work either via weblink or in the body of the email.  We like the visual style of Adbusters, Madatoms and Cracked.com.  Put those Photoshop skills to the test.

In an ideal situation, we’d team up graphic artists and writers in an effort to create eye-catching, intellectually engaging content.

If you see yourself as a latter-day Thomas Nast or Honoré Daumier, we should talk.  If you see the veneration of a French political cartoonist as somehow unpatriotic, treasonous, or a besmirching “Real ‘Murrica,” seek counseling and a dictionary.  We are fans of muslin.

What we want:

  • Intellectually engaged and occasionally humorous content from a unique personal perspective.
  • Pop cultural takes on politics; political analyses of pop culture.
  • Erudite, eccentric, and electrifying.
  • Your opinion backed with substantiated claims.
  • Candid explorations of pop culture obsessions, examining the problems and opportunities from a social, biological, political, economic, philosophical, and/or spiritual point of inquiry.
  • We want to see genres blended, disciplines crossed, and barriers torn down.

What we don’t want:

  • Campaign coverage; candidate foibles, etc.  There are other sites dedicated to that kind of tedious minutiae.
  • Directionless ranting.  Anger and rage at the status quo is a fine thing to have.  Keep it tight and direct.  Have a point to your sound and fury.  Citations always help.  Anything even vaguely resembling a first draft will be trashed.
  • Scoring cheap debating points.  See above.  The American political system is notoriously shortsighted.  Ideally, we’d like to see something with a broader viewpoint.
  • Fiction of any kind: No short stories, novel excerpts, or poetry.  Seriously, don’t send us any.  I’m sure there’s a blog out there that will accept installments of your epic poem of Herman Cain’s gropes … just not this one.  (If you want to review fiction, that’s different.  We accept reviews.  Finding a copy of Saddam Hussein’s romance novel is your problem.)


Send a writing sample, visual, or link to driftlessareareview @ hotmail dot com.  Make sure the writing sample or visual is in the body of the email.  Anything else will be immediately deleted.

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