What we do here …


Bob Slydell: What would you say ya do here?

Office Space (1999)

“Coffee is for closers” is, in a nutshell, a look at the intersections between pop culture and politics.  Staffed by two hyper-educated historians who aren’t above using a pop cultural footnote to prove a point, we seek to entertain and educate.

What can a reader expect from this blog? Long-form posts on everything from the political economy of the Dark Knight to the resurgence of apocalyptic cinema, Battlestar Galactica and the post-9/11 mindset, and a critical examination of Atlas Shrugged.  There will also be Point-Counterpoint and discussions of topics with scholarly depth and pointed snark.

We’re not just another political blog and we’re not just some pop culture blog.  A bit of both and neither.  Another mutant bastard stepchild of the Internet.

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